PIPS aims to enhance the performance productivity of the parliamentary committees by:

  • Responding to their research requests;
  • Assisting in the Committee Inquiry Process;
  • Undertaking comparative studies, analyzing legislation as well as preparing studies on diverse socio-economic issues;
  • Providing non-partisan, expert advice to promote effective decision making;
  • Publishing policy resource guides;
  • Conducting meaningful training courses as well as organizing roundtables, seminars and conferences to increase understanding of committee effectiveness, public policy and legislative issues;
  • Distributing key information related to the Parliamentary Committee System;
  • Offering a wide range of services and facilities through the Parliamentarians Resource Center and Parliamentary Information Technology Resource Centers;
  • Assisting in developing committee reports; and
  • Engaging interns to supplement their research and organizational capacity.

“The role of committees is to investigate and to draw attention to what they find. They throw ‘light in dark corners’ and give advice.” – Australian Senate

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