The Parliament, as the house of elected public representatives, remains a unique state institution that not only manifests aspirations of the people of the country but more importantly performs the demanding tasks of representation, legislation, oversight of the Executive and policy review that leaves no stone unturned in influencing, guiding and holding accountable any government […]

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Implementation of the 18th Constitutional Amendment ( Case Study: on the Model of Communication (Federal Government-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government))

This paper is continuation of series of publications that the Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) has produced with the assistance of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) on the “Implementation of the 18th Constitutional Amendment”. This case study is unique as it documents new communication vectors between the federation and the federating units

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Impact of Anglo-American Jurisprudence on The Pakistan’s Legal system

This paper theoretically discusses two different legal paradigms and connects them with contemporary legal practices in Pakistan to analyze the contours of constitutional judiciary and its writ prerogative. It argues that judicial review of legislation and administrative actions is core of constitutionalism in the American liberal jurisprudential context. As this model is based on the […]

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PIPS Article in International Journal of Peace, Conflict and Development, (Bradford University UK) December 2012

There has been a tradition of seeking to address the under-representation of women in public life through the use of affirmative action including through reserved seats in the national and provincial legislatures in response to local political pressures the ….

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Speaker’s Article on 18th Amendment in CPA Journal, 2011

The unanimous passage of the 18th constitutional amendment bill by parliament has moved Pakistan away from a presidential from of government susceptible to military coups , says the speaker of the national assembly. I is now a true parliamentary democracy as envisioned by its founders in 1947 and by its two former prime ministers in […]

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Deputy Speaker’s Article on PIPS in CPA Journal, 2011

The establishment of a sustainable institute for legislative research and capacity building has been a long standing aspiration of parliamentarians and parliamentary staff in Pakistan. The establishment of the Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services, PIPS, through an Act of Parliament is a major step towards the realization of this objective.

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