PIPS is also facilitating a modern Resource Center at the Parliament Lodges, Islamabad, where the Parliamentarians are provided round the clock printing, scanning and internet facility in addition to a small meeting room and newspapers, magazines and journals as well as assistance in informational research for their day to day needs at their doorstep. The PRC is regularly used by legislators during the session days. Under the auspices of the Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) the Parliamentarians’ Resource Center (PRC) operates Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm and most of its services are free of charge. The services and facilities currently available at the Resource Center include:

  • Internet Access Terminals: Computer terminals provide free Internet access to facilitate access to extensive Internet resources and access to e-mail.
  • Assisted Internet Searching: Parliamentarians might like to draw upon Resource Center Staff for assisted Internet searching or other computer applications.
  • Quick Reference: Resource Center staff assists Parliamentarians with quick reference questions drawing upon the resources of the Resource Center collection and the Internet.
  • Electronic Resources: Resource Center Staff regularly updates customized folders of selected Internet sites on topics of current interest. These resources provide an opportunity to quickly search information on topics of frequent interest, such as: Communication, Economics, Environment, Human Rights, International Relations, Information Technology, Law, Legislation, Local Government, Religion, World Politics, World History, etc.
  • Document Delivery: Requested information or documents may be delivered to Parliamentarians either in printed form or electronically (By e-mail, fax, on CD, etc.).
  • The RC Collection: The Resource Center has a small general collection of books. Staff has also collected publications of NGOs, INGOs and other institutions.
  • Newspapers: The News, Dawn, and The Nation are the English Newspapers, whereas Nawa-e-Waqat and Jang are the Urdu Newspapers available at the Resource Center . For reference purposes, the previous issues of these newspapers are retained for one month by the center.
  • Magazines and Journals: The Resource Center subscribes to a limited number of current event magazines, such as: Time, Newsweek, The Economist, News line, India today and Herald.
  • Conference/Discussion Room: The Resource Center has a well-equipped Conference/Discussion Room that includes: Multimedia Projector, Projector Screen, Flat Screen TV, VCR, TV channels on Cable network.
  • Special Courses: Courses, such as: “English Communication for Legislators” and “Computing Skills”, are also arranged by the Resource Center should Parliamentarians wish to attend them.
  • Presentations/Topical Discussions: The Resource Center organizes presentations on new innovations regarding parliamentary services (such as the introduction of e-governance to the National Assembly and Senate) or on topical issues.
  • Other Facilities: Printing, Scanning, Photocopying and Fax Facilities are also provided by the Resource Center at nominal charges.

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