The Institute is developing a database of national as well as international laws in addition to a team of attorneys and researchers to offer legislative services to national and provincial parliamentarians with effect from January 2012. These services would include legislative drafting services, research on assessing legislations/impact assessment of bills, drafting questions, motions and resolutions as and when required by the members. These services encompass the following:

  • Conducting research related to the Federal and Provincial laws as well as studying international laws;
  • Identifying revision of laws and inspiring new legislation;
  • Strengthening the processes of law-making decisions;
  • Consolidating existing initiatives for strengthening documentations of legislative processes;
  • Arranging legislative drafting courses with special emphasis on parliamentary practices;
  • Offer Legislative Drafting Services for drafting Private Member Bills;
  • Providing high quality constitutional, legal, legislative, parliamentary and procedural advice and support;
  • Analyzing existing legislation (substantive and delegated); and
  • Providing legislative analysis and preparing comparative studies of the work by other Legislatures.

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