Young Women Leaders of Pakistan (YWLP) in an Interactive Session.

April 6, 2017 , ,

Young Women leaders from diverse cultural, educational & social background visited Pakistan institute for Parliamentary Services & engaged in a candid discussion with the top management of PIPS. These young 28 women leaders shared their experiences, ambitions, vision & aspirations of how they want the society to be & what role are they playing individually to add value for its betterment. Young Women Leaders of Pakistan is a consortium of diverse women leaders who are accepting challenges & working for a social cause to break the glass ceiling while doing a valuable addition in society at large. 

The worthy Executive Director Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services, Mr Zafarullah Khan welcomed the young women leaders’ delegation and identified that the history of Pakistan is full of pro active contribution by women Parliamentarians and leaders who faced challenges with undeterred commitment changing the society;  breaking its taboos & dogmas. Mr Zafarullah Khan shared his well wishes for the young women leaders in their goals & ambitions. PIPS Director Research & IT PIPS Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka also addressed the young leaders and enlightened the participants regarding the role women parliamentarians as well as leaders have played throughout the history.

The candid discussion was followed by thorough Question & Answer session in which the women leaders shared their insights & asked questions. Mr. Zafarullah Khan and Mr. Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka thoroughly addressed the queries as well as insight of young women leaders while appreciating their thoughts & questions. Replying to a question they highlighted how Members of Parliament have on numerous occasions formed cross-party groups to take up important bills and issues pertaining to challenges to women in society. Senior Research Officer Ms. Tehseen Khalid moderated the entire session. At the conclusion of activity, a group photo was taken with participants & Executive Director PIPS.

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