Operating side by side the PIPS research services framework, PIPS Information services include the following:

  • Maintaining national, provincial and international data and statistics to enhance the productivity of Parliamentarians;
  • Providing impartial and authentic information to support parliamentary decision-making as well as parliamentary functions;
  • Assisting in entertaining various research requests;
  • Arranging awareness programs related to parliamentary functioning and procedures to educate masses, inspire public as well as promote national culture and ideology;
  • Maintaining a record of all the existing Acts, Ordinances and Enactments in force in Pakistan;
  • Producing and distributing research reports, brochures, information bulletins, background notes, fact sheets and other publications related to PIPS;
  • Arranging information sessions and briefings; and
  • Maintaining research-based databanks and supply research-based information, documents, publications and other materials required by parliamentarians and researchers.

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