Workshop on Legislative Assessment Process for the Officers of the National Assembly & Senate Secretariat, August 30-31, 2023

Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) in collaboration with Mustehkam Parlimaan (MuP) organized a workshop on Legislative Assessment Process for the officers of the National Assembly and Senate Secretariat at PIPS campus, Islamabad from August 30 – 31, 2023. A total number of thirty officers attended the workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to enhance the understanding of officers in carrying out their duties effectively while assisting members of the Parliament in legislative business and Committees and strengthen their existing knowledge on legislative assessment process. Moreover, to enable them assist members in reviewing and analysing legislation and developing an understanding of the best international practices.

The programme commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Ms. Bushra Ali, Assistant Director PDP, PIPS gave programme overview and invited Ms. Nadia Batool, Legislative Advisor, MuP for her opening remarks. Ms. Batool welcomed the participants on behalf of MuP project and briefed about the project. She appreciated the efforts of D. G. PDP & C, Ms. Samer Awais as well as the Facilitator of the workshop Mr. Mohsin Abbas Syed for planning, designing and execution of the workshop. Moreover, she stressed on active participation in order to maximize their learning. She emphasized on utilizing and practicing the learning outcomes in their day to day routine to perform their tasks more effectively.

The Executive Director, PIPS, Mr. Muhammad Anwar welcomed the participants on behalf of the Institute. He spoke about the significance and benefits of the programme and briefed the participants about the mandate and functions of the PIPS. He highlighted that the training of the government officers  viz a viz parliamentary business had also been added to the mandate of the PIPS as it would enhance the working of the legislators more effectively. Mr. Anwar acknowledged the expertise of the participants in their concerned departments and encouraged active interaction with the subject expert as well as fellow participants as it would enhance their knowledge as Secretary Committees. 

The Senior Legislative Consultant, Mr. Mohsin Abbas Syed (Facilitator) then took the floor to formally begin the two-day workshop. He briefly introduced the theme which included: Fundamentals of Legislative Assessment; understanding the form of a bill and bill assessment for effective implementation. Methodology included desk base research, presentations by the participants practicum and feedback. For day two, the topics to be covered were Assessing Legislative Sentences followed by an exercise. And lastly Assessing Bill for Effective Implementation.

The programme concluded on August 31, 2023 with certificate distribution amongst the participants by Ms. Margie Cook, Team Lead Mustehkam Parlimaan and vote of thanks by Ms. Samer Awais, Director General (PDP & C), PIPS.

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