A prime goal of the institute is to provide non-partisan and expert analysis on a range of subjects, and to help the legislators in making informed policies about the national challenges. Leading scholars and researchers based in reputable universities, think tanks and civil society organizations across the country are members of a 50 member network of specialists to provide informed policy inputs such as in-depth background notes, assessing bills, research papers, briefs, legislative summaries, consultations and other services on the request of parliamentary committees as well as parliamentarians.

PIPS launched its “Research on Request Services,” in April 2007, which offers timely, accurate and objective non-partisan informational and research services to the legislators across Pakistan. Whereas the deadline of such researches varies from one day to 15 days, the researches include prompt informational and research analysis done on 24 hours notice for parliamentarians. PIPS has produced 69 comprehensive research papers exclusively for individual MNAs, Senators as well as MPs working in various Standing Committee. These services are offered to parliamentarians in confidence and kept confidential as and till their direction.

PIPS has developed a cadre of around 50 PIPS Network of Legislative Researchers, Trainers and Drafters to support the legislators. The Institute has also developed 24 Policy Resource Guides on topics relevant to respective Standing Committees of the national and provincial Houses. The Institute has developed and uploaded policy resource guides in twenty five areas, which identify human, organizational and informational resources from where different standing committees can retrieve important information in subject areas. The Institute has also uploaded its official website at: www.pips.gov.pk which is indigenously designed in a user-friendly format. It introduces the audience to various dimensions of the Institute such as its vision, mission, areas of services offered to the MPs. In early 2012, PIPS would upload an upgraded website for legislators as well as general public.

The main areas of PIPS Research Services are:

PIPS Research on Request Services:

These provide non-partisan, expert assistance on a wide range of public policy and legislative issues to assist legislators in making informed policy decisions which they are called upon to undertake. The Honorable Legislators are most welcome to avail the following services in this regard:

NoServiceTime Frame
1Background Paper 10-25 pages with references15 Days
2Talking Points for a Speech07 Days 
3Personal Briefing on a Topic03 Days in Islamabad
4Summary one pager on a Topic with references24 Hours
5Research Analysis of/for an existing/intended Legislation15 Days
6Information Brief 4-5 pages with references07 Days

Policy Dialogues on Dire Issues:

These take the shape of programs, seminars and conferences organized for members and staff to increase their understanding of public policy as well as parliamentary and legislative issues.

PIPS Research and Information Publications:

PIPS envisages publishing Policy Papers from time to time on important national as well as international issues confronting the state.

As of November 2010, PIPS has undertaken 72 research requests of legislators. The primary task, to respond to members’ research queries with the necessary research data and reports by their required deadline, has largely been met. Further development of this service is ongoing.

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