Rationalizing Alternate Dispute Resolution in Pakistan, January 2016

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The judiciary has an important role to maintain the balance in the society. But the courts are bound to follow the procedural law. Sometime, it takes much time to conclude the cases. This exercise of the courts in minor or small cases, the litigant suffers and spend more money and time to help the court to conclude the case. Under alternative dispute resolution the cases of special nature have to be decided at grassroots level through arbitration, mediation, etc., it helps the aggrieved person to get justice speedily on his doorsteps. That decision under alternate dispute resolution has legal authority and treated as a decision of the lower civil court. Being not satisfied any person has a right to challenge this decision in the appeal before the appellate court. Nobody has right or ability to decide the cases, but there are special requirements and qualification to adjudicate this type of cases.

Download (389.28 KB)

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