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Mr. Muhammad Anwar assumed charge of the post of Executive Director, Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services with effect from 1st January, 2020. He holds a master degree in Political Science. He served against various positions in the Senate of Pakistan for almost 38 years, from March 1982 to December, 2019 and retired as Secretary Senate of Pakistan. During his 38 years’ service in the Senate, parliamentary business remained an integral part of his assignments. He has a vast experience in the business of the Legislatures and their Committees and of administrative and financial matters. While serving in the Senate, he did a lot of work on redrafting of various parliamentary tools and prepared new modules for the same.

He has been representing Pakistan on various national and international forums like Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA).  He also has been conducting training and orientation sessions at national and international level focusing on orientation of the Parliamentarians and capacity building of Parliamentary Staff and Government functionaries.

He is the author of first book on parliamentary practice and working of legislatures in Pakistan which covers the working of the Senate, National Assembly and all the Provincial Assemblies in Pakistan. It is the first book which deals with the practical aspects of the parliamentary work coping with the needs of all the stakeholders i.e. Parliamentarians, parliamentary staff and Government functionaries dealing with the business of the legislatures.

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