Seminar on Working of the Parliament for the students of the Bahria University Islamabad, 11th January, 2023

The Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS) organised a one day seminar on the working of the Parliament for the students of the Bahria University Islamabad on 11th  January,2023 at PIPS campus Islamabad. This outreach event was designed with the objective to familiarize and acquaint the students of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, Bahria University, with basic understanding of the Constitution of Pakistan and efforts of National Parliamentary Taskforce on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) towards achieving the targets of Goal 13 of SDGs i.e combating climate change and its impacts.

Mr. Waqas Ahmad Qureshi, Director, Parliamentary Development Programme (PDP),  gave an overview of the Institute in the inaugral session after the introduction of the participants. This was followed by a session on The Constitution of  Pakistan; Asocial contract between citizens and the state by Mr. Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka, Director General, Research, PIPS. He said constitution is a social contract between people and the state and shed light on different chapters of the constitution along with the importance given to the Parliament and human rights in our constitution. He also told the students that Pakistan is one that eight countries who play a key role in drafting United Nations’ Human Right Declaration in 1948.

Ms. Romina Khurshid Alam, SAPM/Minister of State and Convener National SDGs Taskforce, Member National Assembly of Pakistan held an interactive session with the participants on the topic “Efforts of the National Parliamentary Taskforce on SDGs, in Combating Climate Change and its Impact in Pakistan”. She highlighted the working of the SDGs secretariat and role of the Taskforce on SDGs.  

Ms. Samer Awais, Director General, Parliamentary Development Programme & Coordination (PDP&C), PIPS, discussed the working of the Parliament and share competence management process in his session on “How does the Parliament work: Core Competencies”. The event concluded with the awarding of Certificates to the Participants by the worthy Executive Director, PIPS. In his closing remarks, he highlightened the use of public petition through which common man easily approach the august house.

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