PIPS holds Constitution Day with faculty and students of Air University Islamabad, April 10, 2021

Working on its mandate to ensure public understanding of the Parliament and Constitution of Pakistan, Team PIPS organized the second session of the CONSTITUTION WEEK 2021 on April 10, 2021 (Saturday), which was attended by 42 students and faculty members from Department of Cyber Security, Air University of Pakistan to celebrate the 48th Anniversary of signing of the Constitution of Pakistan on April 10, 1973: The three hours session was held online through Zoom. The event began at 11.18 am; Mr. Rana Jimshaid Asghar AD PIPS recited versus from the Holy Quran to commence the program while Ms. Fakiha Mehmood, Deputy Director (Research) moderated the session.

A brief introduction of PIPS, its working and milestones covered by the premier parliamentary institute, was given by Director (Research), Ms. Tehseen Khalid. Director General (Research) Mr. Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka, gave a two hour detailed interactive presentation on “Constitution, Parliament and National Progress – an indigenous narrative, followed by keenly participated Q & A session.” Prof Ms Umme Class Advisor at Air University and students of AU, “lauded PIPS for its professionally held session and passionate presentation of Imperative Nature of the Constitution of Pakistan and the Parliament’s role and enormous contribution towards achieving an egalitarian happy society for the people of our great country.” The students expressed their desire to future participation in PIPS seminars.

The key take-away by participants from the two nation-wide webinars were as follows:

  1. As envisaged by the Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the founding fathers, Parliamentary Democracy as envisioned by the Constitution is part of Pakistanis DNA and remains an essential source of national unity across the beautiful diversity of the country.
  2. The Nature of the Constitution of Pakistan rests on five key foundations – Islam, Parliamentary democracy, Welfare, Federal and Independence of Judiciary.
  3. The Fundamental Rights enshrined in the Constitution emphasize fulfillment of human rights for every country-men no matter from majority or minority communities as it revolves around equal opportunities according to work for all for prosperity.
  4. “We agree to Disagree,” is essence of parliamentary democracy, which makes, live and let live; fraternity, equality and brotherhood the strengths of our national discourse.
  5.  The Constitution of Pakistan makes the whole cabinet and all state institutions accountable to the chosen representatives of the people, that has historically always delivered much more in terms of national unity, happiness and prosperity in comparison to any aristocracy or dictatorial presidency. 

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