Orientation Workshop for Newly Elected Members of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh

May 27, 2024 ,

The Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) in collaboration with GIZ organized an orientation workshop for the newly elected members of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh on May 27, 2024, at Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi. The workshop aimed to equip the new members with essential knowledge and skills regarding various oversight tools used in the plenary, committees, and subcommittees, as well as the significance of budget and financial oversight as outlined in the Constitution and Rules of Business.

The session commenced with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran. Ms. Samar Awais, Director General of the Parliamentary Development Programme (PDP) Wing at PIPS, welcomed the participants. She highlighted the objectives of PIPS as a dedicated Parliamentary Institute and provided an overview of the workshop. While acknowledging the role of the Mustehkam Parlimaan Project (MUP) in strengthening democratic practices in Pakistan, she invited their Team Lead, Honorable Margie Cook for her opening remarks.

Ms. Margie Cook congratulated the newly elected members on their election to the provincial assembly and emphasized the crucial role of parliamentarians in promoting parliamentary democracy in Pakistan. She highlighted the importance of such orientation programs in enhancing the effectiveness of legislative functions.

The Chief Guest, Honorable Syed Awais Qadir Shah, Speaker of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh, inaugurated the workshop and shared his insights on the responsibilities of honorable Members. He stressed the importance of being the voice of the people and urged the members to ensure that discussions in the assembly are constructive and well-informed. He also highlighted the neutral role of the Speaker as the custodian of the house.

Former Speaker of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh, Honorable Nisar Ahmed Khuhro was specially invited to share his valuable experience as a seasoned parliamentarian. He spoke about the significance of point of order, the purpose of questioning on the assembly floor, and the importance of pre-budget sessions at length. He also praised PIPS for its training and research services for the parliamentarians and encouraged members to utilize the assembly library.

Mr. Aizaz Asif, the Technical Lead from MUP, provided an in-depth explanation of the budgetary process and public financial management. He discussed the systematic procedure of planning and formulating the budget statement, and highlighted the constitutional and procedural provisions related to budget making.

Former parliamentarian, Honorable Mohsin Leghari, elaborated on the importance of parliamentary committees, describing them as ‘mini legislatures’ essential for legislative functions. He emphasized that parliamentarians, whether from the treasury or opposition, are above the government, which is accountable to them.

The workshop concluded with a note of thanks from the PIPS, followed by a group photo session with the participants.

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