Session on Parliament as Citadel of Democratic Pluralism to 250 Delegates from 20 National Institutions at Lawrence College Ghoragali Model UN, LCMUN Murree

August 31, 2020 , ,

Pakistan’s oldest Boarding school Lawrence College Ghoragali established in 1860 invited the Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) Executive Director Mr Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka as Chief Guest at the 3rd Model UN on Saturday, August 31, 2019. The jam packed Hamid Hall hosted the final closing ceremony that same culmination of three days inter institutional debates on topics including Committees on Finance, UN Security Council, Sustainable Development Goals UN Committee, Human Right Committee and Pakistan National Assembly. No less than 20 top institutions such as Quaid e Azam University, GC university Lahore, Jesus and Marry Girls School, Lahore Grammar, Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur and institutions from Sargodha, Larkana and Sukkhur made total of 250 individual delegates competing in the LCMUN 2019. Prof Asghar Malik received the Executive Director who was then offered a round of campus facilities including various schools, library, Gosh e Quaid and Iqbal, 1860 church, hospital and play grounds as well as Principal’s office.

Secretary General LCMUN 2019 Usayed Saeed welcomed the Chief Guest. Proceedings began with National Anthem followed by recitation of verses of Holy Quran. The Principal of the Lawrence College Brig (retd) Mujahid Alam welcomed the PIPS Executive Director Mr Zaka to grace the closing ceremony of the Model United Nation as the Chief Guest. Prize and Honours ceremony for best delegates was held and Mr Zaka distributed honour certificates among best delegates in the five committees. In his address Mr Zaka highlighted the Parliament as citadel of democratic pluralism. He expressed his pride that Parliament of Pakistan is the first and foremost Institution of the country which has the privilege of being presided by the Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as the President and Hon Speaker. He shared anecdotes of history how Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah carried himself as an upright democrat throughout his 39 years as Member of elected legislatures where he always respected and listened to others views and stood for values of “ we agree to disagree,” to accommodate the opposition opinion.

PIPS Executive Director also called upon the young generation to emulate Quaid’s vision of pluralistic democratic values where opposition and dissent is key to improving government’s policies and accountability of all institution by the Parliament strengthens state. Constitution is sacred document and manifestation of people’s aspirations and respect of Parliament and Constitution and following same in letter and spirit gives way to strong and mature nations and states. Mr Zaka reiterated that Pakistan’s nation must stand united across parties for the cause of self-determination of Kashmiris standing tall for just cause and keep us prepared to fight against oppressor Modi regime and cowardly 7 lac Indian troops in held Kashmir who have continued curfew for 27 consecutive days. He concluded with the promise that provided our youth from all parts of country across all political divide and geographical diversity stand in unison to the motto of Lawrence College NEVER GIVE IN, victory and success remains our destiny. He concluded his address with inspiring example of Islamic History in which the Companions Like Hazrat Bilal RA stood fast for Prophet Muhammad SAW message of truth to submit and sacrifice and Allah acknowledged them with final victory.

The session concluded with Quaid’s quote: “Work, work and work only for satisfaction with patience, humility and serve thy nation.” Pakistan zindabad. The Principal presented the Lawrence College emblem to the Executive Director PIPS who shared set of publications of Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services with the Principal.

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