Seminar on Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy and Dialogue between Parliamentarians and Youth, on International Peace Day.

PIPS arranged a Seminar on Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy – challenges & prospects on International Peace Day, September 21, 2015. The event was attended by the students and faculty members from ten Schools, Colleges and Universities including Quaid e Azam University, International Islamic University, Iqra University, Islamabad, NDU, NUML, NUST, IMCG-F-7/2 Islamabad, Beaconhouse Margalla Institute Boys Campus H-8/4 and The City School. Honourable Senator Farhat Ullah Babar graced the occasion as the Chief Guest who congratulated PIPS on its thoughtful role of a bridge between the Parliament and the people including students, labourers, CSOs, human rights activists and the general public. He complimented the efforts of incumbent Executive Director to pro-actively pursue such significant interactive activities engaging MPs with youth of the country.

The event commenced with the National Anthem and recitation of Holy Quran followed by welcome remarks by Executive Director PIPS, Mr Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka. Honourable MNA Ali Muhammad Khan was the keynote speaker who recognized the significant role by PIPS as quality-oriented research and capacity building institution exclusively for the Members of Parliament. Mr Ali Muhammad Khan gave example of life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who always practiced law and forgiveness for the people and Quaid e Azam envisioned Pakistan to be a state in footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Honourable Senator Farhat Ullah Babar addressed the participants on “Lessons of Democratic History of Pakistan” in the Second session after which a thought provoking dialogue between Parliamentarians and youth was held. In the last session, certificates of appreciation were distributed among all the contestants and special prizes were given to the position holders of PIPS Ist Essay Writing Competition held on Int’ll Demcracy Day on Sepy., 15, 2015. Ms Tehseen Khalid, Senior Research Officer was the Chief Judge for this competition. Senator Farhat Ullah Babar candidly encouraged students to understand that Pakistan was meant to be a welfare state as envisioned by the father of the nation rather then a security state. He emphasized the youth to engage in civic life and dialogue with MPs to apprise each other of their aspirations, challenges and ideas. He reiterated “We must acknowledge that strengthening democratic system and rule of law in the country builds institutions and create harmony among masses.”

Honourable Senator Mr. Farhat Ullah Babar congratulated the winners of essay competition and encouraged all that there is also a place at the top and students must continue to work harder to secure higher position though life is full of ups and downs. He stressed that it important how a human takes up a “down,” in life, one must always stand up and continue his or her endeavours till success. At the end Executive Director PIPS Mr Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka gave vote of thanks to Honourable Parliamentarians as well as the faculty members and students. He reiterated that salvation of state of Pakistan remains in following the footsteps of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who always envisioned a parliamentary pluralistic and progressive Pakistan based on Rule of Law. It was acknowledged that Constitution of Pakistan is the consensus document endorsed by entire political and social spectrum twice in 1973 and 2010 and state as well as people of Pakistan stand united to implement the vision of their Quaid by protecting the Constitutional rule in the country with better emphasizes on service delivery to the masses. The Directorate of Research and IT team hosted the event comprised of Ms. Tehseen Khalid (Senior Research Officer), Mr. Rizwan Manzoor (Research Officer), Mr. Shehryar Khan (Research Officer) , Mr Zahid Ashraf (C.O) and Mr. Ahmed Sabih Babar (C.O.)

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