Seminar on Parliamentary Functions, PIPS Services and Management Practices for Delegation of Air University School of Management

December 2, 2019 ,

Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services organized a seminar on Parliamentary functions, PIPS Services and Management practices for delegation of Air University School of Management on December 02, 2019. The seminar’s agenda revolved around imparting knowledge regarding the functions and working of the Parliament, Human Resource and Management practices implemented in PIPS and the services the institution offers. Around 25 students of BBA fourth semester enrolled in the Air University School of Management were the core participants of the Seminar.  The session commenced with the national anthem of Pakistan followed by the recitation of Holy Quran and presentation of Na’at by the students of Air University School of Management. As moderator of the session, Ms. Fakiha Mahmood welcomed the participants and conducted a round of introductions.

Executive Director PIPS, Mr. Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka formally conducted a detailed session on Parliamentary functions, PIPS Services and Management practices. He elaborated that the National Assembly is truly the House of People as it has day to day relation with the citizens and members to this house are elected directly by the citizens themselves. Furthermore, as the House of Federation, Senate is a symbol of unity among all federating units. Enlightening the students on the importance of Democracy, he said that it is ingrained in our souls and conscience. He further explained the four key functions of the Parliament including representation of the people, legislation, oversight and accountability of the Executive and budget scrutiny.

Briefing the students regarding HR practices in the context of recruitment, he explained the various steps involved in the process. Recruitment process includes written test often conducted by third-party organizations, shortlisting and interview based on test result and final selection against a post. He emphasized that the organization maintains transparency in the recruitment process and upholds the principle of merit. Responding to a query regarding conflict resolution, he emphasized the importance of dialogue and consensus. He advised the students to be just, positive and rational when in position of power and emphasized on being forgiving and nurturing the team and subordinates.

Ms. Tehseen Khalid, Director Research, briefed the students about various services of PIPS. She highlighted the four key functions of Research, Legislation, Training and Outreach. She also informed the participants about the research products which are expertise of the institution.

Dr. Mumtaz Ali Memon, Faculty Member Air University School of Management thanked PIPS for organizing an informative and interactive session. He explained that Air University School of Management follows case study method where students learn about HR and Management practices of prestigious organizations. He expressed the desire to collaborate with PIPS to organize seminars and trainings as well as contributing researches as experts of Management Science.

Executive Director PIPS presented set of PIPS publications to the head of delegation and awarded certificates of appreciation to the students for recitation of Holy Quran and Naat. The session concluded with group photo followed by a visit of the Parliament. The Young Parliamentary Officers including Ms. Laraib Kiani, Ms. Adeela Shahzadi and Mr. Asim Khan worked tirelessly as members of organizing team.

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