Seminar on Constitution, Parliament and State Building – Role of Youth at Islamabad Model College for Girls, F 8/1, Islamabad.

May 28, 2015 ,

As per guidance by the Chairman Senate/ President PIPS Board of Governors and as envisioned in the work plan, PIPS held a seminar with a gathering of 160 faculty members including 144 students of Grade 9 and 10 at IMCG F 8/1 on Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 10 am focusing on importance of Constitution and Parliament and how youth can contribute in nation’s uplift and strengthen the state by engaging with parliamentary work. PIPS Research and outreach wing held the function presided over by PIPS Director Research and IT who made an interactive presentation on the theme followed by Q&A session. The session discussed the Federal, Islamic, Welfare, Parliamentary, Democratic, basis of the Constitution of Pakistan and elaborated role of youth in engaging with the Parliament. Vice Principal of the college welcomed the PIPS faculty while Head of Pakistan Studies Ms. Mirani presented vote of thanks to the Institute acknowledging this as a great initiative. PIPS team comprised of Mr. Zaka Director Research & IT, Ms. Tehseen Khalid Senior Research Officer, Ms. Fakiha Mehmood Research Officer and Mr. Shehryar Research Officer, PIPS also presented a set of publications to Principal Aliya Durrani as the impressive packed auditorium concluded the session with loud applauds and slogans of Pakistan Zindabad by the emphatic girls of grade 9 and 10.

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