PIPS and MuP organized Parliamentary Roundtable on State of Economy and Annual Budget FY 2023-24 with Hon. Members of Balochistan Assembly on June 15, 2023.

Quetta (June 15, 2023): The Mustehkam Parliamaan EU-GIZ Project and the Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) organized a Parliamentary Roundtable on State of Economy and Annual Budget FY 2023-24 on Thursday, June 15, 2022 in Quetta. As per tradition since 2013-14, the Institute continues to offer special research and technical assistance to MPs of federal as well as provincial legislators during the budget presentation and debate through the PIPS Economy and Budget Desk of the Research wing. The event was attended by more than 35 participants including 14 Hon MPs of Balochistan Assembly, parliamentary researchers and relevant officers from the Balochistan Assembly, experts on economy and public finance from academia.

The proceedings began with recitation of the blessed verses from the Holy Quran. The first session was facilitated by Secretary Balochistan Assembly Mr. Tahir Shah Kakar who covered the relevant provisions of Constitution and Assembly Rules pertaining to Annual Budget and the tools available to MPs for active participation in the Budget Session. He deliberated in detail on the procedures of cut motions as well as the due role of committees in PSDPs.

The second session was included a panel discussion on State of Economy and PFM in the context of Annual Budget 2023-24. The discussion was led by renowned economist and PIPS adjunct faculty member, Dr Wasim Shahid Malik who presented a comparative economic picture of provincial economies pointing out the weakness and strengths and henceforth presenting a way forward for an inclusive economic growth. Discussions focused on Pakistan’s debt situation and the 2023-24 budget, equipping parliamentarians with insights on fiscal obligations and the debt trap. He suggested that a specialized approach is required to employ the resources of Balochistan where sector/product specific R&D institutions should be established according to regional strengths/resources of different districts/divisions of the province. The other panelists in the session include Mr Aizaz Asif, Public Policy/PFM advisor of Mustehkam Parlimaan Project and Mr Salman Ishfaq PFM consultant of Mustehkam Parlimaan Project.

An interactive hour long Q&A session was facilitated by the panelists where the Hon Members discussed the different policy options for uplifting the economy in short run and long run. Mr Muhammad Rizwan Manzoor, (AD, Research) PIPS moderated the event. The organizing team was included Ms Fatima Khan Provincial Coordinator of Mustehkam Parlimaan Project, Mr Asif Abro Assistant PRC Officer PIPS, and the PIPS PRC Staffers Mr. Bilal and Mr. Shah Fahad.

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