National Parliamentary Workshop on “The Role of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in Effective Oversight”.

Islamabad, May 10-12, 2017: 3-Day National Parliamentary Workshop on “The Role of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in Effective Oversight” inaugurated at Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services. Participants from all the Provincial Assemblies as well as the Legislative Assemblies of AJK & GB participated in the workshop. The event has been designed to optimize the performance of Public Accounts Committee for effective oversight function & the role provincial, legislative as well as parliament can play to ensure it.

The event inaugurated with the recitation of few verses from Holy Quran followed by a thorough introduction of participants & their inputs regarding improved functioning of PAC & the hurdles they have identified until now. While sharing his welcome remarks, Executive Director PIPS Zafarullah Khan deliberated that Audit in many countries has started becoming the fourth pillar of state. “Not only money but policy audits should also be conducted”, said Zafarullah Khan. Country Director Konrad Dr Lutz Weihweger also addressed the participants and enlightened them regarding the work they are engaged in Pakistan. He hoped that the 3-day workshop will result in valuable recommendations & additions to the entire process of PAC. Director Training PIPS Ms Samer Awais was the moderator of the day. Former Speaker National Assembly Fakhar Imam contemplated on the significance of PAC, their evolution & best practices in the House of Commons. While addressing the participants Fakhar Imam said that the role of PAC has been increasing since last 150 years. He thoroughly explained how the role of PAC has evolved over time and the grey areas needing improvement in its effective functioning. “Functions of PAC include transparency & independency”, said Fakhar Imam. He shared the best practices being followed around the world specifically focusing on the operational procedures & functioning in the House of Commons. The session was followed by a thorough Q/A session leading to a visit to National Assembly for witnessing PAC meeting. The 3-day workshop will conclude on May 12, 2017.

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