July 31, 2007

31 July 2007 LDSC Meeting

The LDSC Chair informed the members about the meeting between the Senate Chairman and the Speaker National Assembly on the status of the proposed bill for setting up PIPS and that the Bill is with the Ministry of Law for review. However, a PIPS Bill was already tabled in the Senate as a Private Members’ Bill by Senator Ch. Muhammad Anwar Bhinder, member of the LDSC.


May 29, 2007

29 May 2007 LDSC Meeting

The National LDSC meeting held, also attended by all provincial assemblies’ representative, including Speaker of the Sindh Provincial Assembly. PIPS legislation, policies and budgeting were discussed, focusing on the provincial assemblies’ involvement, representation/linkages for the permanent Institute.


April 24, 2007

24 April 2007 LDSC Meeting

USAID presented a complete permanent PIPS construction timeline,procurement/development Issues and USAID A/E RFPs and SOW for PIPS construction.


April 03, 2007

April 2007

Planning for the construction of a permanent PIPS facility was launched by the Pakistan Legislative Strengthening Project, PLSP with USAID.


February 08, 2007

Formal inauguration of Interim PIPS

Formal inauguration of Interim PIPS by the Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly, Chaudhry Amir Hussain; marks provision of expanded training events and the establishment of research and information services for Members and parliamentary staff and a workspace for Parliamentary Interns.